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TOEFL Eligibility 2024

Age Limit, Minimum Qualification, Score, Documents & Language Requirement

Who can take the TOEFL? Anyone! Age, education level, or nationality are no obstacles. This test welcomes everyone on their journey towards global education regardless of background.

But what does "eligible" actually mean? While there are no formal requirements, understanding the factors universities consider for admissions is crucial. Read More

Here's a breakdown of TOEFL exam eligibility:
  • Age: No limit! From ambitious high schoolers to seasoned professionals, everyone can unlock their potential.
  • Education: No specific qualifications required. However, universities may have their academic requirements for specific programs.
  • Language: English proficiency is key. Though the TOEFL assesses this, actively improving your English skills beforehand is highly recommended.
  • Score: Universities set their minimum scores, often starting at 80 for undergraduate programs and rising for competitive fields. Aim high for your desired institutions!
  • Work Experience: Not relevant for TOEFL eligibility itself, but some programs may consider it in their admissions decisions.
  • Attempts: Take the test as many times as you need to achieve your target score. Read Less
Beyond the basics, here are some additional points to remember:
  • Passport or ID: A valid document is essential for registration and test day.
  • Financial resources: Plan for the exam fee ($215 in the US, $225 elsewhere) and potential costs for travel and study materials.
  • Documents: Your passport or ID and registration confirmation email are all you need on test day.
Check out these FAQs:
  1. Do I need to be a student? No, anyone can take the TOEFL.
  2. Is there a minimum score? Technically no, but universities have their requirements.
  3. Can I retake the test? Absolutely! Take the TOEFL as many times as needed to reach your goal.
  4. Home-based testing? Yes, the TOEFL iBT Home Edition offers flexibility for select locations.
About the TOEFL Exam:
  • Measures your English language proficiency for academic purposes.
  • Accepted by over 11,000 universities and institutions worldwide.
  • Offered in two formats: Internet-based (iBT) and paper-based (PBT).
  • Assesses your reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills in an academic context.
TOEFL Registration:
  • Register online on the official ETS website.
  • Choose your preferred test format (iBT or PBT).
  • Select a test date and location.
  • Pay the registration fee.
TOEFL Exam Dates:
  • Offered year-round, with multiple test dates available in most locations.
  • Check the official ETS website for a complete list of available dates:
  • Early registration is recommended to secure your preferred date and location
TOEFL Syllabus:
  • Reading: Academic texts, passages, and lectures.
  • Listening: Academic lectures, conversations, and presentations.
  • Speaking: Integrated and independent speaking tasks.
  • Writing: Integrated and independent writing tasks.
  • Familiarise yourself with the specific types of tasks and scoring criteria for each section.
  • Each section scored 0-30, with a total score of 0-120.
  • Most universities require a score of 80 or higher for undergraduate programs.
  • Scores remain valid for two years.
  • Official score reports are available online six days after the test.

TOEFL Eligibility Criteria 2024

The TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, is a standardised test widely accepted by universities and institutions worldwide to measure English language proficiency. Taking the TOEFL can be a crucial step for non-native English speakers aiming to pursue higher education, employment, or immigration opportunities in English-speaking countries. But before diving into preparation, understanding the eligibility or TOEFL exam requirements to know the criteria is essential. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of the TOEFL eligibility criteria for 2024:

Age Limit

There is no age limit to take the TOEFL. Anyone, regardless of their age, can register for the test. This opens the door for students, professionals, and individuals of all ages to demonstrate their English language skills.

Language Requirement

The TOEFL requirements for language are specifically designed for non-native English speakers. Therefore, not having English as your primary language is the primary language requirement.

Academic Qualification

While there's no official academic qualification requirement set by ETS, the test conducting body, many universities and institutions have minimum academic prerequisites for accepting TOEFL scores. For undergraduate programs, a high school diploma or equivalent is typically required. For graduate programs, a bachelor's degree is usually expected. It's crucial to check the specific requirements of your target institutions to ensure your academic background aligns with their expectations.

Score Eligibility/Minimum Cut-Off

There is no minimum score required to pass the TOEFL. Scores range from 0 to 120, with higher scores indicating stronger English proficiency. However, universities and institutions set their minimum score requirements for program admissions. These vary depending on the program, country, and institution's prestige. Researching the specific score requirements of your target programs is essential to understand what score you need to achieve.

Work Experience

Work experience is not a factor in TOEFL eligibility. Whether you're a recent graduate, a seasoned professional, or have no work experience, you can still take the TOEFL.

Attempting Limit for TOEFL

You can take the TOEFL as many times as you want. There is no limit to the number of times you can register for the test. However, ETS recommends waiting at least 12 days between test attempts to allow adequate time for preparation and improvement.

In addition to the basic eligibility criteria, remember to register online and provide a valid ID for verification. The TOEFL comes in iBT (internet-based) and PBT (paper-based) formats, with iBT being more common and preferred. Importantly, ETS offers accommodations for test-takers with disabilities to ensure everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.

TOEFL Documents Required
  • Valid passport (unexpired)
  • National photo ID or military ID (if no passport)
  • Parent's consent letter for those under 15 (with parent's valid photo ID)
Test Day:
  • Original passport or other acceptable ID
  • Registration confirmation form (printed)


What is the TOEFL exam and Why take the TOEFL exam?

The TOEFL exam is accepted by more than 11,000 universities and institutions around the world, including universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom (UK), the United States (USA), Europe, and Asia, making it the most popular English test for students. This is one of the exams that helps you if you want to study abroad. The TOEFL test is primarily designed to understand and evaluate test takers' English reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills.

There are many benefits for students who wish to study abroad and decide to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). The TOEFL is the preferred test for students seeking higher education abroad because more TOEFL scores are sent to universities in the United States and Canada than all other English language tests combined.

Similarly, TOEFL is the preferred English test in each country because more TOEFL scores are sent to universities in Germany, France, the United States, and Canada than any other English test. ETS, the TOEFL governing body, ensures students a fair and unbiased score reporting process, making the test more trustworthy.

What are the various TOEFL test formats available in India?

ETS, the governing body for the TOEFL exam, currently offers the ETS TOEFL iBT (Internet-based test). This is his TOEFL iBT Home Edition, which is the most commonly selected exam administered at TOEFL test centres, and is the same as the TOEFL iBT test that candidates take. Utilising test centres, it is now administered in the privacy of your home and proctored online by a human examiner.

The paper ETS TOEFL test is the same TOEFL iBT test, but it is administered in two sessions. The reading, listening, and writing sections will be taken at its test centre, and the speaking section will be taken on his home computer within three days of the exam section. Your speaking session will be monitored online by a human examiner. The TOEFL PBT test (offered on paper) is no longer offered. TOEFL PBT scores are valid for two years from the test date.

What is the TOEFL Essentials Test?

ETS (Educational Testing Service), the organisation that administers the TOEFL iBT test, launched the TOEFL Essentials test for test takers on August 21, 2021.

Due to the ongoing pandemic and the lack of better English language test providers, ETS has introduced its TOEFL Essentials test, a higher-quality testing option that takes the pandemic into account. Candidates who wish to take the TOEFL Essentials test can learn more about this format of their TOEFL exam.

What are the TOEFL ITP Test, TOEFL Junior Test and TOEFL Primary Test?

The TOEFL ITP Assessment Test Series is the leading English language proficiency testing program for ages 16 and older that allows you to confidently measure and assess your students' English proficiency. The TOEFL Junior test is intended for children ages 11 and older and provides an objective and reliable measure of a student's English communication skills.

This testing reveals student strengths and challenges, and learner and learner assessments help monitor progress. Designed for students ages 8 and up, their TOEFL primary test measures students' English communication skills to guide instructional goals and monitor student progress.

Beyond the standard TOEFL registration fee, are there any additional charges for using specific services offered by ETS?

Yes, ETS offers various "special handling" services for the TOEFL iBT test with corresponding fees. These include late registration, test rescheduling, score review, and additional score reports. You can find the specific charges for each service in the table you provided.

This paraphrase captures the essential information from the original text while being more concise and direct. It also clarifies the type of charges discussed by focusing on "special handling" services.

Age, background, and diplomas aside, the TOEFL welcomes everyone to unlock a world of possibilities. Hone your English for academic engagement in English-speaking environments, aiming for the score your dream institutions want. Take heart in the flexibility – retake the test, choose your format, and even test from home! Empower yourself with the TOEFL and step into a wider world. Explore ETS resources, then register today and pave your path to endless possibilities!

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