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TOEFL Syllabus 2024

Section-wise TOEFL Exam Syllabus

Conquer TOEFL 2024! Master 4 sections: Reading, Listening, Speaking, Writing (incl. new academic discussion!). Under 2 hours, 0-120 score, academic English awaits! This blog includes all top-notch details related to the TOEFL exam syllabus and more. Students from India who want to do the TOEFL test must pay a 16,900 Indian Rupee fee for TOEFL iBT. The TOEFL test takes around 2 hours to finish, but students should count on spending about 3.5 hours with extra time added for looking over their answers. Students will get four parts marks in a scaled way and also total TOEFL test scores. Each part of the TOEFL test gets a score from 0 to 30, and all total marks can be between 0-120. The TOEFL syllabus in India is exactly similar to the pattern used, there is no difference.

TOEFL Focus Edition Section Syllabus Number of Questions/ Duration
TOEFL Focus Edition Reading Comprehension
  • Reading and understanding academic passages
  • Identifying main ideas and supporting details
  • Summarising information
  • Understanding vocabulary in context
20 questions / 35 minutes
TOEFL Focus Edition Listening Comprehension
  • Listening to academic lectures and discussions
  • Identifying main ideas and details
  • Understanding speaker attitudes and purpose
  • Taking notes
28 questions / 36 minutes
TOEFL Focus Edition Speaking
  • Expressing opinions and ideas coherently
  • Responding to integrated tasks
  • Discussing familiar topics
  • Organising and delivering spoken responses
4 tasks / 16 minutes
TOEFL Focus Edition Writing
  • Writing well-organised essays
    Responding to integrated tasks
  • Supporting ideas with relevant details
  • Demonstrating language proficiency
2 tasks / 29 minutes

TOEFL Analytical Writing Assessment

TOEFL Analytical Writing Assessment Syllabus:

The TOEFL 2024 AWA is gone, replaced by a unified Writing section with two tasks: an opinion essay and an integrated summary of reading and lecture. Conquer this section by mastering thesis development, organisation, vocabulary, and analysis. Practise both task types, build strong arguments, and seamlessly integrate source information. Utilise official resources, practice tests, and feedback to hone your skills and ace the TOEFL Writing!

Tips to Prepare for TOEFL 2024 Exam AWA
Craft impactful thesis statements.
Master essay organisation and flow.
Expand vocabulary and use words accurately.
Polisha grammar and apply rules consistently.
Hone critical thinking and analysis skills.
Practice under timed conditions.
Get feedback on your writing.
Utilise official ETS resources.
Write frequently to build confidence.
Manage stress and maintain a positive attitude.

TOEFL Integrated Reasoning

TOEFL Integrated Reasoning Syllabus and Tips to Prepare for TOEFL 2024 Exam IR Section:

Do not worry about a special Integrated Reasoning part in TOEFL 2024! Instead, prepare to incorporate these abilities into your Writing and Speaking power. The Writing part gives you an "Integrated Writing Task" that wants you to look at a reading text and talk, before making a version of summary mixed with thoughts.

Tasks like #3 and #4 join in the game, mixing understanding of conversation with spoken answers. They need you to connect what you hear with what you read. So, how do you get ready for this combined dance called tango? Go into official TOEFL resources, learn how to read and listen like a secret agent. Also, become great at taking notes as if you're performing magic tricks. Finally, study information in the same way that Sherlock Holmes would analyse it all. Organise your ideas like a great chef, use time well just like fast Formula One drivers and above all, get others to check over your answers like an experienced artist who wants feedback. If you follow these tips, it will be easy to combine your skills and get a high score on the TOEFL.

TOEFL Quantitative Reasoning

TOEFL Quantitative Reasoning Syllabus, TOEFL Quant Section Topics and Tips for TOEFL 2024 Exam Quants:

Quantitative Skills in TOEFL Reading and Listening:


  • Interpreting charts, graphs, and tables to extract data and draw conclusions.
  • Understanding numerical relationships and patterns in text.
  • Solving word problems involving basic arithmetic operations.


  • Comprehending lectures and conversations that present quantitative information, such as statistics, measurements, or numerical relationships.
  • Following instructions or directions involving numbers and calculations.

Key Topics and Skills Covered:

  • Number sense: Understanding basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), fractions, decimals, percentages, and ratios.
  • Data interpretation: Reading and interpreting charts, graphs (bar graphs, pie charts, line graphs, scatter plots), tables, and diagrams.
  • Basic algebra: Recognizing patterns and relationships, solving simple equations, and working with variables.
  • Problem-solving: Applying mathematical reasoning to real-world contexts, identifying relevant information, and selecting appropriate strategies.
Tips to Prepare for Quantitative Reasoning in TOEFL 2024:
Brush up on maths fundamentals: Review basic arithmetic, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratios, and algebra concepts.
Maths textbooks and practice problems.
Practice data interpretation: Familiarise yourself with different types of charts, graphs, and tables. Learn to extract key information and draw conclusions.
Different types of charts and graphs.
Enhance your vocabulary: Build your knowledge of maths-related terms in English.

TOEFL Verbal Reasoning

TOEFL Verbal Reasoning Syllabus

Forget a standalone Verbal Reasoning section in TOEFL 2024! Instead, prepare to weave your verbal magic across Reading, Listening, Writing, and even Speaking. The Reading section throws vocabulary puzzles, comprehension challenges, and inference riddles your way. Listening tasks demand understanding lectures, conversations, and subtle clues hidden in tone and emphasis. Even Writing and Speaking join the game, asking you to articulate your thoughts with clarity and logic, supported by solid evidence. So, how do you become a verbal wizard? First, dive into diverse English texts, building vocabulary like a treasure hunter. Master reading comprehension strategies to unlock the secrets of texts. Immerse yourself in English audio, podcasts, and lectures, training your ears for spoken nuances.

Tips for TOEFL 2024 Exam Verbal Reasoning:
Practice note-taking to capture key points like a spy.
Hone your writing skills, structuring your thoughts like a master chef.
Engage in English conversations, polishing your spoken fluency like a seasoned performer.
Most importantly, seek feedback like a sculptor refining his masterpiece.
By embracing these tips, you'll transform into a verbal powerhouse, conquering the TOEFL and unlocking your academic dreams!

TOEFL 2024 Syllabus FAQs

Is there a separate syllabus for TOEFL 2024?
No, the syllabus for TOEFL iBT remains the same in 2024 as in previous years. It focuses on assessing your skills in Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking.
Has the exam format changed for 2024?
No, the exam format and duration remain the same for 2024. Expect approximately 3 hours for the internet-based test and 2.5 hours for the paper-delivered test.
Where can I find the official TOEFL syllabus?
You can find the official syllabus on the ETS website:
What types of reading materials are included in the Reading section?
You'll encounter academic passages from various fields like science, history, social science, and the arts.
How many questions are there in the Reading section?
There are 30-40 questions in the Reading section, with each passage followed by 10 questions.
What are some tips for preparing for the Reading section?
Develop strong vocabulary, practice reading comprehension strategies, and familiarise yourself with academic topics.
What types of audio materials are included in the Listening section?
You'll listen to lectures, conversations, and academic discussions.
How many questions are there in the Listening section?
There are 28-39 questions in the Listening section, with different types of questions based on the audio material.
What are some tips for preparing for the Listening section?
Improve your listening comprehension skills, practice note-taking, and expose yourself to various spoken English accents.
What types of writing tasks are included in the Writing section?
You'll be required to write two essays: an integrated essay that summarises and responds to a reading passage and a lecture, and an independent essay on a given topic.
What are some tips for preparing for the Writing section?
Build your vocabulary and grammar skills, practice outlining and organising your thoughts, and focus on clarity and conciseness in your writing.
What types of speaking tasks are included in the Speaking section?
You'll complete four tasks: delivering a short independent monologue, responding to a prompt based on a conversation, responding to a prompt based on a reading passage and lecture, and delivering a longer independent monologue.
What are some tips for preparing for the Speaking section?
Practice speaking English fluently and coherently, work on your pronunciation and intonation and focus on organising your thoughts effectively.

Conquer the 2024 TOEFL! Master Reading and listening with academic prowess, Writing with integrated arguments, and Speaking with confident fluency. Weave skills across sections, brush up on maths and vocabulary, and utilise official resources. Immerse yourself in English, seek feedback, manage time, and don't forget to do the TOEFL exam sample. Believe in yourself. This is your ticket to academic dreams – ace the TOEFL!

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