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Cost to Study in USA for Indian Students: Tuition & Living

Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey

Nov 25, 2022

9 mins read

Cost to Study in USA for Indian Students: Tuition & Living Cover Image

The US, even today, is the world’s most popular study destination for international students. However, it is also among the most expensive choices as well. The headline costs of studying in the US can be daunting, often involving a string of five-digit numbers. However, it is worth checking all the facts regarding the available fees and funding options before you make up your mind.

Are you planning to pursue your education in the US but unsure how much it will cost? Through this article, we will offer you a brief overview of the cost of studying in the US as an Indian student. It also offers a view on the cost of living in the US for students, including tuition fees, accommodation, and other expenses that you should keep in mind before applying to any university.

Cost of Studying in the US

The cost of MS in the US depends on two major factors:      

  • The cost of the actual program or the tuition fees 
  • Expenses, including accommodation, transit, and miscellaneous
Average Cost of Studying₹37.06L/year
Average Cost of Living₹8.23L – 16.47L/year

The cost of pursuing a master’s in the US includes an amalgamation of the living expenses and tuition fees for the course. Here is an overview of factors that an international student should be aware of when pursuing higher studies in the US.

Pre-Arrival & Post-Arrival Cost Of Studying in the US for International Students

There are a few more costs that are to be taken into consideration when planning the cost for your master’s program in the US. We have bifurcated these costs into two categories: pre-arrival and post-arrival costs.

Pre-Arrival Cost 

Before traveling to the US, there are a set of expenses that are to be catered to. 

Cost of US Student Visa

When applying to study in the US, international students must apply for a student visa. International students must obtain an I-20 visa for entry into the US. The cost for a US student visa is ₹28,829. The F1 visa applies to students who are enrolled in a full-time study course, such as an undergraduate or graduate degree. The visa application fee costs ₹13,179. Apart from this, the students have to also incur a visa issuance fee. This is in case the visa is approved. However, Indian students are not required to pay for the same.

Entrance Exams

Students must appear for entrance exams based on their selected course. For a student to pursue their master’s, they have to appear for a GRE or GMAT exam. Here is an overview of the popular exams required in the US:

IELTS₹20,180 – ₹21,004

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Health Insurance

Another significant factor to consider when planning the cost of studying in the US is health insurance. Having health insurance makes it affordable for students to access medical care in the country. The cost of availing health insurance in the US is ₹41,185 – ₹82,371/year.

Application Fee

When submitting an application form, the student is accepted to pay a non-refundable application fee. This fee differs based on the universities. However, most application fees range from ₹5,354- ₹7,001.

Flight Tickets

A single-way airfare ranges between ₹40,000 to ₹60,000 for an Economy Class, depending on the city, destination, and airline. Return airfares range somewhere between ₹60,000 to ₹90,000 again, depending on the city, destination, and airline.

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Post-Arrival Cost of Studying

Upon your arrival in the US, there are two major costs that you are expected to pay regularly, which include your tuition fees and cost of living.

University Tuition Fees 

Tuition fees are considered one of the most essential and first expenses to study in the US. The average US study cost is around ₹37.06L/year. The fee structure changes based on the selected university, the courses enrolled for, and the study level.

Degree TypePrivate University Tuition Fee (Average)Government University Tuition Fee (Average)

We have curated a list of tuition fees for master’s programs in the US for top universities:

UniversityCourseAverage Tuition Fee (in INR/year)
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMS in Computational Science and Engineering₹39,76,145
Stanford UniversityMS In Chemical Engineering₹22,10,424
Harvard UniversityMaster of Science in Biotechnology: Life Sciences₹31,41,267
California Institute of Technology (Caltech)
MS in Computation and Neural Systems₹40,59,462
University of ChicagoMS in Computer Science₹41,22,173

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Cost of Living

One of the significant factors that impact the cost of studying in the US is the cost of living. While there is no accurate way to estimate the living expenses, some factors include:

  • Location
  • Size of the apartment 
  • Proximity to the university

The cost of living in the US ranges between ₹8.23L – ₹16.47L /year. 

ExpensesAverage Cost (INR)
Housing apartment₹14.15L/year
Dormitory₹6.24L – ₹9.80L/year
Books & Supplies₹74,054/year

The cost of living will likely vary from student to student. The expenses from a student front include rent from accommodations, transportation, groceries, internet, food, books and supplies, meals, recreational expenses, and miscellaneous expenses. The living expenses in the US differ based on the lifestyle choices made.

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In Conclusion

The US is considered one of the most expensive. Students spend an average of ₹81.8L over the course of their degree. With the US still retaining its position as the top choice for many students to secure their careers with top specialization and university abroad, it is equally important to zero in the economic spending that goes into it. Once you can manage your cost of education, it becomes easy to enjoy the educational and social life in the US.

The US will always be at the top of the list of the best study-abroad countries. Don’t let the costs deter you from pursuing a degree in the US. Connect with MastersBuddy to know about scholarship programs that can help you manage your study cost in the US.

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