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High Paying Job Opportunities in Canada: Top Industries and Careers

Viral Vora

Viral Vora

Dec 02, 2022

7 mins read

High Paying Job Opportunities in Canada: Top Industries and Careers Cover Image

In recent years, Canada has clearly become one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. One of the main reasons why people select Canada as their desired immigration country is because of the advantages of its immigration regulations. And if you are looking to pursue a career out there, there is something for everyone. Here are some of the highest-paying jobs in Canada. 

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Exploring the High Paying Job Landscape in Canada

International students who have earned a degree from a Canadian post-secondary institution that participates in the program are eligible for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP), which enables them to work while still studying there. The PGWP enables the applicant to work for a time period that is equal to the length of the Canadian study program that they have completed. Under the PGWP, a work permit may be issued for a maximum of three years. The PGWP is one of the main incentives for foreign students to continue their education in Canada. Once they finish a diploma, degree, or master’s in Canada, students can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP). Here are some of the highest-paying jobs within the country.

Job positionAnnual Average Salary in CAD $ Annual Average Salary in INR
Business Intelligence Analysts $77,870 ₹ 47,26,763.51
Cloud Architects$121,555 ₹73,78,473.59
Cloud Systems Engineer$120,000 ₹72,84,084
IT Project Manager  $91,300₹55,41,973.91
Data Scientist$85,461 ₹51,87,542.52
Web/Software/Mobile Developer$75,628₹45,90,672.54

Companies to check out for career growth

It’s critical to determine whether companies put their employees’ success and professional growth first. Here are 10 companies that might give you a headstart.

  • RBC
  • Scotiabank
  • Apple
  • Alphabet
  • Amazon
  • Salesforce
  • SAP
  • PepsiCo
  • Bell
  • George Weston Ltd. 

Top Industries for High Paying Jobs in Canada

Annual Average Salary in CAD $ 
Annual Average Salary in INR
University of TorontoMedicine/Physician$369,000 ₹ 2,23,98,558.30
The University of British ColumbiaDentistry$174,245₹ 1,05,76,793.47
McGill UniversityAccounting$83,900 ₹ 50,92,788.73
University of CalgaryLaw$219,000₹ 1,32,93,453.30
York University – Schulich School of Business MBA$83,000₹ 50,38,158.10
University of TorontoEngineering$109,000₹ 66,16,376.30
University of Waterloo Computer Sciences
$89,000₹ 54,02,362.30

Canadian Cities with the Highest Paying Careers 

CityAnnual Average Salary in CAD $Annual Average Salary in INR
Calgary$104,410₹ 63,37,760.09
Yukon $ 104,410 ₹ 63,37,760.09
Regina $97,940₹ 59,45,026.56
John’s $96,320₹ 58,46,691.42
Oshawa$92,080₹ 55,89,320.46

If you are interested in pursuing education in Canada and want to have a better understanding of the costs associated with it, check out this blog:

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Key Takeaways

  • The best-paying fields are medicine, dentistry, IT, and business.
  • Not too different from India, MBA is also one of the most lucrative careers in Canada.
  • Contrary to popular belief, one can thrive in cities other than Toronto within the country.

At this point, Canada is a popular study-abroad destination. The country still occupies the top spot on the list and it’s because of the high standard of education, first-rate facilities, and renowned faculty.

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Viral Vora
Viral Vora

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