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Everything to know about TOEFL

Dhruvin Jain

Dhruvin Jain

Nov 25, 2022

8 mins read

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The GRE is the required entrance exam for postgraduate study in the United States, Canada, and a few other nations. The Verbal Reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning, and Analytical Writing components of the GRE exam are all three sections. Here is everything you need to know about the GRE verbal section.

1. What Is GRE Verbal

The GRE verbal reasoning section evaluates non-native English speakers’ comprehension of lengthy reading passages and linguistic proficiency. A strong GRE verbal preparation programme is required to achieve a high GRE verbal score. The three GRE verbal sections—text completion, sentence equivalence, and reading comprehension—examine a candidate’s unique abilities.

2. GRE Verbal Format

GRE The three types of verbal questions are sentence equivalence, reading comprehension, and text completion. You must read, comprehend, and respond to the questions that are connected to half of the questions. To complete the second half of the questions, you must read and analyze the provided content in order to create sentences or paragraphs. The GRE verbal format is shown below:

Reading Comprehension- After reading a passage, you are required to demonstrate your understanding by responding to questions concerning the text’s structure and substance. The length of the passages for reading comprehension ranges from one paragraph to many paragraphs.
- There are 1-6 questions corresponding to each passage. There will be around 10 passages on the test, most of which are only one paragraph long. There will be one or two lengthy reading comprehension passages on each test.
- There are lengthy passages as well as extremely brief “Argument Structure Passages” of 25–75 words that each answer a single question. Per the Verbal Reasoning part, there will typically be one Argument Structure Passage.
Text CompletionIncludes text completion, sentence equivalence, and reading comprehension
- Analyze, appraise, and combine knowledge gleaned from the written content.
- examine the connections between sentence elements
- recognize connections between concepts and words
Sentence Equivalence

- There are six possible answers for the fill-in-the-blank questions in the Sentence Equivalence section. Candidates must select one of two words in the blanks.
- There will be a total of 8 Sentence Equivalence GRE Questions.
- To answer the sentence equivalence GRE questions, candidates must be familiar with various terminology and have a broad vocabulary.

3. Tips To Master GRE Verbal

Knowing the format is important but here are a few tips to make sure you prepare properly,

1. Work On Your Vocabulary

To ace the section, you should make an effort to master appropriate GRE terminology. You will be better able to comprehend challenging passages in the reading comprehension sections. Flashcards and other sets are reliable.

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2. Understand Signal Words

Any paragraph or sentence’s context is conveyed to you via key phrases and words. This will assist you in selecting the right response because transitional terms, such as signal words, usually indicate whether or not earlier information will be disputed, supported, or explained. However, although, in fact, rather, by contrast, instead are some essential words.

3. Use Official Material

The official materials made available by ETS will be the most useful for section preparation. Online help is also available for practice exams.

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4. Time Yourself

Make sure you have enough of practice writing the GRE Verbal answers quickly and strategically. Take timed practice exams and keep note of the areas where you are wasting time. Make your own guidelines for selecting the correct responses.

5. Make Smart Guesses

You should try to make educated guesses by using your knowledge, insights, and process of elimination to arrive at solutions. Make sure to attempt to avoid incorrect responses as much as you can.

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6. Books And Courses To Prepare For GRE Verbal

Now that you have a few preparation tips and the format under your belt, using the correct reference books and courses can complete your preparation. Check out these for further reference:



7. Importance Of GRE Mock Tests

One of the most common and effective ways of preparing for the GRE is through mock tests. But why are they important? Here are a few reasons:

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8. Knowledge about the Exam Pattern

Initially, taking GRE practice tests enables you to familiarise yourself with the GRE exam format. It helps you comprehend the different question types in each area and provides a preview of how the GRE will be administered on test day. Additionally, preparing for the GRE by taking a practice test will assist.

9. Evaluation of Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Examining your skills and weaknesses by taking GRE practice exams is simple. After completing the fake test, you can review the results to determine which portions you had the most trouble with. The extra time can then be used to work on your areas of weakness.

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10. Reviewing your Basic Principles

Once you have finished your GRE course, the practice exams are a great tool to help you review the material. After you have done preparing for the GRE, taking a few GRE practice tests will help you evaluate how well you have prepared. You might also spend a bit more time studying certain portions if you discover that you are still having trouble with them.

11. How to Improve Your Time Management Techniques

You can utilize mock exams to improve your time management abilities because they are designed to resemble the real GRE test. You can time yourself when taking GRE practice exams using the GRE’s permitted time for each section. When you’re through, you can evaluate which areas took longer than required and create plans for tackling them successfully.

The GRE Verbal might seem intimidating but with the right preparation, you will be able to ace it with no problems. Keep these tips in mind and you will do well on the exam!

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