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How To Score 720+ In GMAT

Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey

Nov 25, 2022

5 mins read

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Every GMAT applicant hopes to achieve a score of 700 or higher. Even just surpassing the 700 barriers is an accomplishment. A few students have a tendency to use a forceful approach, which leads to them feeling worn out during the exam. As a result, it is advisable to take an employing a methodical strategy to get a GMAT score of 720 or higher. While studying is important, it is more important to make strategic choices while preparing and giving the exam so as to get the best score possible on the GMAT.

Importance of Scoring 720+ in GMAT

Your chances of being accepted into a reputable university abroad can be significantly improved by receiving a GMAT score of 720 or higher. Most colleges require a GMAT score of at least 550, but the finest ones only accept applicants with scores of 700 or higher. You will have access to better teachers, facilities, and other resources, such as networking if you enroll in a better university. The university gets better with a higher GMAT score and vice versa. Therefore, it is crucial that every student invests time and effort in preparation in order to obtain a high GMAT score and gain admission to a prestigious university.

Tips to Score 720+ in GMAT

Now that you know why it is important to aim for a 700+ score on GMAT, it is important to have a few tips and tricks to prepare for the same. These are things you can do before the exam to prepare for the exam:

1. Plan your GMAT Strategy And Aim For Your Goal Score

Students should choose a target score and develop suitable methods in order to pass the GMAT. There are many free seminars and webinars available on the GMAT preparation approach where GMAT professionals discuss a variety of topics like what abilities are needed to pass the GMAT, the admissions process, the scholarships available, and how to create a unique study plan. These are a few of the important factors that might assist a candidate to achieve a decent GMAT score in accordance with the requirements of the desired business schools.

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2. Obtain a diagnosis

Assessing your initial skill level or you’re starting GMAT score. Taking a diagnostic test is the most effective method for determining your starting point. You will be made aware of the difference between your beginning and desired scores. If you have already taken the GMAT, your most recent GMAT score should serve as your starting point.

3. Mock exams

The best approaches to identify your preparation-related problems are through mock exams. While preparing for the GMAT, taking several practice exams will help you track your progress and massively improve your confidence. These assessments will not only help you identify your skills but also aid in increasing your reaction time and level of focus. The GMAT exam places a lot of emphasis on how quickly you can respond to questions. Therefore, it’s crucial to take regular practice exams to ensure that you’re brushing up on your knowledge and skills.

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4. Make Time Estimations

Your choice of study resources will affect the time estimation. Either GMAT study guides or online GMAT courses are options. Most people use both of these when they are studying. Our research indicates that for every 10 points of score improvement when taking a data-driven online course, you need to study for 7 hours. 12 hours are needed if you are studying from books. What causes this to occur? Audiovisual content is simpler to focus on and requires half as many changes as written content since it is more engaging.

5. Monitoring development

A key component of the preparation process is keeping track of your progress. Monitoring your development will not only give you more self-confidence but will also enable you to concentrate more on your weaknesses. Setting up a good study schedule and occasionally taking practice exams will make it simpler to monitor progress.

Tips to Keep in Mind During the GMAT Exam

1. Be thorough with the GMAT Test Center Rules

Ensure you are familiar with the GMAT test center policies. Avoid breaking any test center regulations if you don’t want your score to be voided or you’ll receive a violation.

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2. Be Mindful Of Bathroom Breaks

Water should be consumed throughout your breaks to keep you hydrated. The timer will still be running, though, if you need to use the restroom in the middle of a part that is already underway. So, make sure you drink enough to stay hydrated but not excessively.

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3. Time management on the day of the GMAT exam

Many exam takers are anxious because of the clock. When you study for the exam, practice using the timer to avoid this problem.

So while GMAT might seem intimidating and scoring and 720+ score might be hard. But you can still do your best with these tips and score a 700+ score and get into your dream university. 

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Akansha Pandey
Akansha Pandey

Akansha Pandey is a journalism graduate who is passionate about helping students achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals. She handles digital marketing and supports the process of guiding students to get admitted into their dream universities.

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