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Tips & Strategies to Ace GRE Quants: Your Complete Guide for Success

Dhruvin Jain

Dhruvin Jain

Dec 02, 2022

8 mins read

Tips & Strategies to Ace GRE Quants: Your Complete Guide for Success Cover Image

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is a standardized test that is necessary for entrance to many graduate programs in the United States, Canada, and a few other jurisdictions. The GRE attempts to evaluate students’ long-acquired abilities in verbal reasoning, numeric reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking. There are two aspects of the GRE: Verbal and Quantitative. Here is everything you need to know about the GRE quantitative and how to ace it.

What Is GRE Quantitative?

The complexity of the GRE’s quantitative component is comparable to that of a high school course, and it focuses mostly on data interpretation. It has 40 questions that can be used to gauge a candidate’s aptitude for mathematical modeling and data analysis. One must understand how to analyze numerical data in addition to numerous math, geometry, and algebra problems in order to properly finish all the questions in this section.

Understanding the Complexity of GRE Quantitative

Understanding the format and question pattern of the quantitative section will make it easier for you to understand how to attempt the exam. The questions usually involve arithmetic, geometry, and algebra.

Question Instructions
ArithmeticArithmetic in the GRE is a broad subject that involves a lot more than addition and subtraction. The general characteristics of numbers and their applications are covered in GRE arithmetic.
Geometry15% of the overall GRE questions are typically in the section of geometry. The majority of geometry issues contain polygons and circles.
Algebra on the GRE covers a large region and is practically connected to every other part. Most math questions on the GRE involve one or more variables.
Data AnalysisGRE data analysis questions are grouped together and center on a table or graph. Some examples of these questions can be found in the official ETS GRE quantitative reasoning practice questions. The test-taker can be asked to position the statistical pie charts at the proper angles.

Tips To Master GRE Quantitative

The truth is that the GRE test is quite difficult, but only for those who don’t know the tricks to go beyond it. As a result, you might be lowering your odds of passing the test because of what you have heard about how difficult it is. Here are some tips to help you prepare and do well on the GRE quantitative:

 Memorize Answer Options

The answer options for Quantitative Comparison questions are always the same, therefore become familiar with them so that you can recognize without having to look that choice (A) indicates that amount A is greater, choice (B) indicates that quantity B is greater, etc. Knowing this will save you time.

Understand the Comparison

Algebraic expressions are used in a lot of quantitative comparison questions. When this is the case, factor terms that exist in both Quantity A and Quantity B, and/or eliminate them, to the extent possible. Simplifying a problem typically makes the solution evident or makes it simpler to enter numbers to obtain a more accurate response.

Analyze the tables and graphs

People taking the GRE quantitative test have a tendency to quickly scan their graphs and start solving problems with them but this can result in you missing out on important detail. So, please don’t neglect your tables and graphs and study them carefully.

 Dissect Your Geometry Questions

Always ensure that complex figures are broken down into simpler terms before attempting geometry problems so that you can simply evaluate them. Don’t just start solving right away.

Study Your Mistakes

It is important to focus on your mistakes during the GRE preparations. You might not have understood the idea completely or you might have made a calculation error. When you notice patterns in your errors, you are aware that you need to focus on those areas.

GRE Quantitative Courses/Books

Now that you know the format and the tips to study GRE, here are some books and courses to make sure you are well-prepared,



Importance Of Giving GRE Mock Test

Studying for the GRE requires more than just a few hours per day. It also involves patience and effective time management. To prepare for the actual GRE test, you should take a number of online practice exams. Here are some reasons you must take the GRE Mock test:

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Provide You With the Necessary Skills

The focus of the practice exams is on your areas for growth. You cannot only choose a random response to each question. It will also put your capacity for patience, logic, and time management to the test. You are not unprepared only because you answered a lot of questions incorrectly. This implies that you must concentrate on finding the answers to those questions’ hints and choose one of the available solutions.

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Method of Attempt and Elimination

You can keep a close check on your performance when taking GRE practice exams online and cut out any strategies that aren’t working. Therefore, if you use a study approach one day and don’t do well on your practice test subsequent to doing so, you can drop that method and use another one instead.

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Study Your Results

Daily results evaluation allows you to adjust your study strategy as necessary. You can compute your mock test results’ average. This will give you a good idea of the GRE score you might anticipate receiving.

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You Can Take the Necessary Help

You can prepare thoroughly for the GRE by taking GRE practice exams while you are still in school. You can speak with your professors, and ask your seniors for guidance, and other options. Consequently, everyone benefits because you’ll be ready for your GRE Test in advance. GRE must be daunting but it is still something you can manage with the right information, resources and preparation. Knowing these tips will help you understand the same. 

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Dhruvin Jain
Dhruvin Jain

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