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5 Tips to Master GMAT Verbal Section

Viral Vora

Viral Vora

Nov 25, 2022

7 mins read

5 Tips to Master GMAT Verbal Section Cover Image

GMAT test takers are tomorrow’s business leaders. GMAT evaluates a candidate’s capacity for critical thought and problem-solving. The GMAT assesses your ability to utilize critical thinking to distinguish between the useful answers that are offered and the ones that are incorrect, especially in the verbal section. Here are some pointers for acing the Verbal Reasoning Section of the GMAT.

What is the GMAT Verbal Section?

The GMAT Verbal Section is meant to evaluate your command of formal written English as well as your capacity for critical reading and argument analysis. Three different question types—Critical Reasoning, Sentence Correction, and Reading Comprehension—make up this section. The Verbal portion contains somewhat more than half of the multiple-choice questions that determine your final score. Here is how the GMAT Verbal section is dissected:

Total Time: 65 minutes

No. of questions: 36

Tests are taken: Reading, grammar, and analytical reasoning tests

GMAT Format

The GMAT Verbal Section focuses on solving the question and getting the answer right and knowing the format will make it easier.

Critical ReasoningThe Critical Reasoning exam measures an individual’s capacity for devising a strategy for action as well as for presenting and analyzing arguments. A brief argument and a question on it will be presented to you. It will be expected of you to select the response that best supports or negates the argument. Additionally, you can be asked to identify an assertion the argument makes or to draw your own inference.
Sentence CorrectionYou will be asked to choose the optimal version of the underlined section from the original or one of four options after a portion or the entire sentence has been underlined. Questions about sentence correction frequently have two or more mistakes. Given that phrases can range in length and intricacy, time is of the essence. To have enough time to answer the more challenging questions, you’ll need to answer the shorter questions much more quickly.
Reading ComprehensionA reading passage on a business, social science, biological science, or physical science topic will be given to you, and you will then be asked three to four questions about it. The writing style is that of an academic publication.

Tips To Master GMAT Verbal Section

While knowing the format of the test is important, it is also important to know how to prepare for it. Here are some tips to ace the GMAT Verbal Section:

1. Practice Speed Reading

You can increase your reading speed even if you have always enjoyed reading. Your reading speed can be doubled or tripled within a few weeks by learning, practicing, and using speed reading strategies. You must read and analyze passages that frequently have many paragraphs in order to successfully complete reading comprehension questions. So it is best to practice speed reading so as to read the passage fast and complete the section on time.

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2. Paraphrasing Is Important

When you paraphrase anything, you translate it into your own words. Paraphrasing each paragraph in a reading comprehension passage with numerous paragraphs will help you organize your notes. Using the reference system will save you time because you won’t have to read the entire chapter in search of the information you need.

3. Understand The Logic

GMAT Verbal critical reasoning problems ask for more than just conclusions. Additionally, comparable options will be available for this kind of question. Recognize the author’s strategy and the reasoning behind the scenario. If the author is enthusiastic, the response should be as well. Don’t merely use the same words from the passage or the same lines from the essay as a shortcut. Choose the logic and look for it among the available choices.

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4. Know How To Eliminate

One of the tricks for passing any test is the elimination rule. If four possibilities are similar, instead of focusing on one that is true, start considering why each one might be incorrect. In this manner, it is simple to remove the incorrect responses, leaving only the right ones.

5. Pacing Is Key

You get 65 minutes to answer 36 questions on the GMAT’s verbal reasoning portion. How many problems you need to solve in a specific amount of time is determined by your pacing approach. To see how long you take for each question and figure out how to take less time with each of them.

Books And Courses To Master GMAT Verbal 

Now you are familiar with the format and how to prepare for the GMAT verbal section. Here are some books and courses for you to use to improve your chances of scoring well.



Importance Of Mock Tests

Once you have thoroughly covered all of the crucial subjects, it is time to evaluate your preparedness using a GMAT practice exam. Taking a mock test is important as it will help you understand weaknesses, making it easier to understand how to go about the exam. Here are a few reasons you must take GMAT mock tests:

  1. Allow you to experiment with different approaches each time so you can identify the most effective one.
  2. Allowing you the chance to improvise can help you perform better and be more accurate overall.
  3. guides you in preparing for the format of the exam and the various types of questions you might encounter.
  4. Gets you to practice time management skills across various sections and question types.
  5. Gets you ready for the actual exam environment and circumstances.

GMAT might worry you but with these points in mind, you are sure to ace the verbal section of the test. Taking one day at a time and being realistic about your weaknesses will help you understand what exactly you need to do to get better.

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Viral Vora
Viral Vora

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